Isolation and loneliness have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing. Isolation undermines quality of life and increases vulnerability.

Studies show that being lonely or isolated has negative health effects, and causes higher rates of mortality. Isolation can directly effect blood pressure, cause depression, and other mental health issues. The impact of social isolation and loneliness on an individuals health and wellbeing has long term implications. In tackling these issues using modern technology, we can try to prevent this from happening. General wellbeing can be improved, which hopefully will raise self worth, which in turn makes people feel happier, more valued members of society.  


Education benefits society as a whole - hence the legal requirement to educate. 

Education gives people self worth, the prospect of a future, and in particular the prospect of employment. Education is known to improve health and well-being, and raise income. It makes people less isolated because they are participating in something that benefits them mentally and socially. Education provides more well rounded, more productive members of society. In relation to people suffering from chronic medical conditions specifically, very importantly, education provides an identity and value - as opposed to being only viewed as a person who is ill. 


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